14 Jan 2013

Rhettmatic Interview

East3:  Describe the moment you were introduced to Hip Hop and decided this is the lifestyle you wanted to be a part of and why? Rhett: I remember when i was first introduced to Hip Hop…..I was in Junior High and during lunch time, I saw a circle forming with

04 Dec 2012

LeanRock Interview

Q:  At what age did you start getting into Hip Hop and why? A:  I was hip hop the day I was born. It wasn’t really a choice. It all happened naturally, and I thank my family for that. My dad “Leanski” and my uncle “Noz” are pioneers in the

19 Sep 2012


Mighty 4 (M4) Honolulu was a huge success!  The synergy  created by the people who supported made this event!  Paulskeee (Mighty4), Kavet the Catalyst (Lightsleepers), Cros 1 (Armory/Freestyle Sessions), DJ Jami (NOC), Emcee Fredo (Union City, CA), DJ Vinroc (2x DJ world champion) and more blessed the event and created

26 Jul 2012

Ken Swifts 4th Annual ‘Ride the Breaks’ 2012

In the middle of the Pacific there is something very special that is about to take place.  Big Island (Kona, Hawaii) is the home to Ken Swift’s (7 Gems) Annual ‘Ride the Breaks’ Hip Hop event.  Event coordinators Yaro Osofly & Reptilian Tank (and others) help create this amazing event!

15 Jul 2011

DJ Nu-Mark x Toys

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb4etMWgEyU&feature=related[/youtube] Here’s a video of DJ Nu-Mark from different performances, encompassing children’s toys in his set up. Kind of crazy how it works, but very innovative. Let it inspire us to try new things with our craft!

26 Apr 2011


Respects+Peace FAM. Our friends over at Mixcrate.com gave us the opportunity to assist in building a few graphics for a couple Hip Hop notables who have some true positive energy+unique DJ craftsmanship. It was also an honour since one of them has been one of our heroes since days of