01 Aug 2012

Ladies First

Fashion = Passion So what better way to showcase what we love doing the most than a runway show!  Last Friday we were invited to participate in an event called REWIND, a women’s movement organized by our very good friends Chix w/ Trix.  Guests were treated to art, goods, a

Adam Yauch MCA
09 May 2012

He Told A Little Story

“Now here’s a little story I got to tell About three bad brothers you know so well It started way back in history With Ad Rock, MCA and me, Mike D” Straight history.  Hip hop history.  And we lost a pioneer.  Thank you MCA for paving the way… And so

31 Jan 2012

Girl Power

Oakland is quickly becoming (dare I say) THE mecca of artists. And on the first Friday eve of each month galleries, bars, coffee shops, cafes, canni clubs…you name it…in the Uptown area open their doors to show the hearts and souls of these creative individuals. Folks from all backgrounds come