06 Apr 2016


Mua… Mu(kh)a… Moi… Mwah. Mua Mukha   Moi Mwah.

#Krash #TDK
11 Sep 2015

The Liks

The last major holiday before summer ends and it was the liks. #FirstFridays in the Town, mandatory brunch with the gyals, and finally, the Bay’s own hip hop holiday. #HieroDay  Scroll down for how I spent #PlayborDay. It’s the liks baby…it’s the liks. ‘Til next year! #HieroDay P.S. #Staycool Yay

10 Sep 2013

Hello September

Hello September. Hello Indian summer. Hello First Friday. Hello football. You had me at hello. Le ChevalImperial RollsSpicy Chicken WingsGarlic NoodlesSoy Sauce SoleLoakalIt’s been a minute. So had to stop by the fave.#belvederetonic #ketelonedirty #hangarclubsoda That’s how we do. When it’s hot, they come out.#ninjaboos And so it begins…the farewell

09 Jan 2013


My last two posts were short and sweet due to the holidays. But that also means I’ve got myself a nice little compilation of happenings from the past couple weeks. Apparently staycay does not equal R&R.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining in the least. All signs of the year

10 Oct 2012

Oaktown is Kickin’ It

I’ve been hittin’ up First Fridays for a good minute and I gotta say…it’s WAYYY off the hook now.  The media finally got word of this monthly street party in Downtown Oakland so now everyone and their mama be comin’ out to feel the love.  And with the new addition