08 May 2013


It’s that time of the month… First Fridays and you know where I be. Recently named The Most Exciting City in the COUNTRY, dem some big words and big shoes to fill. But to those already in the know… it’s HELLA proper. And just like Hammer says, “U can’t touch

06 Mar 2013

First…and not Last

First Fridays. Though the mood was more somber because of last month’s tragedy it didn’t deter those that have been there from the get. We know what 1st Fridays and Art Murmur are all about and we come to represent, like we always do. So salute…to the regulars.  Pounds all

13 Dec 2012

Love to Love

Love. Love to love. F**k the hate. Love the haters. 1st Fridays.  Same time.  Same place.Maria Fatima UrbiLoakalHive StudiosJoanne Ludwigwee-ooo-wee-ooo-weeSticker status at my fave bar. #whutchuknowboutthatGood night. In Niner news… Dolphins @ Niners 13-27 Bringing us to 9-3-1 for the season. Next we got Patriots for that Sunday night stage. 

1st Fridays 68
05 Jun 2012

The Biggity Biggity O

I’ve been hitting the First Friday scene in Oakland for a good year now.  And I gotta say, last week’s First Friday was THE most crackingest.  Everywhere…from food trucks, galleries, the streets, alleys and the bars…packed!  Walkin on the sidewalks…fuggedaboudit.  We had to bypass along with moving cars on Telegraph. 

Adam Yauch MCA
09 May 2012

He Told A Little Story

“Now here’s a little story I got to tell About three bad brothers you know so well It started way back in history With Ad Rock, MCA and me, Mike D” Straight history.  Hip hop history.  And we lost a pioneer.  Thank you MCA for paving the way… And so

Aloha First Friday
03 Mar 2012

Aloha First Friday

First Fridays.  I’m a regular when it comes to First Fridays at my home base in the Bay Area.  So First Fridays to me equates to local art, open door galleries, pop up shops and boutiques…all showin what they’re about, doin what they love.   Who knew First Fridays would mean the same thing, across