06 Sep 2012

Tony Bvillens

Coming to you all the way from China is Tony Lin’s Black 2008 Honda Fit(GE8) on Weds Bvillens TS-VIII. Tony has done a great job modifying the car inside and out. On the outside you will see Tony has went with the JDM GE8 Fit RS front bumper with the

26 Jul 2012

Lance Sithammalat’s Honda Fit

Yes, this is the same Honda Fit that has graced the pages of this blog and Facebook page before…but now I am able to fully share how awesome this car is.  From OEM+ styled body lines to classic wheel choice, Lance Sithammalat and his dad Katsu could not have put

13 Dec 2010

Fitted Don

I’ve known Donny for some time now. He was one of the original people from the WFC forums. He’s managed to keep in touch through Facebook with me all the way from Indonesia over the years. He’s really been working hard on his car to make it perfect, and his

14 Nov 2010

Honda Fit..

Mean while i was already on my way back home a friend of mine visited the Cars and Coffee Meet in Las Vegas. On the meet there are a lot of exotics but also this small Honda Fit. Here’s a spotted item of this Fit… ! I Must thank my

15 Oct 2010

RR: Fit In (donesia)

RR stands for Readers Rides. This Fit GD3 was sent in from Agung all the way from West Java, Indonesia. Glad to know the Indonesian’s still love riding lown. Details.. Riverside Zepter 17(8+9) Pirelli 195/40 front Achilles 205/40 rear Coilover HWL Spoon strutbar Ultra racing lower armbar Inalfa 450HS Sunroof