08 Jun 2012

Vegas with the Fam

A few weeks ago I went to Vegas with the fam so the kids can see great gramma. Took it easy, ate a lot and slept good. It was pretty much doing what we would do at home, but at Vegas. This was a nice touch by Virgin, right Hunger

22 Nov 2011

After work: Palomino Run

Just to let you guys know i love to eat out and a lot of my blog posts will be showing everyone what restaurants San Francisco has to offer. Tonight after work me and Angie decided to hit up Palomino. Waffle fries are amazing so was the big piece of

20 May 2011

The Rock and Food at Hawaii

Whenever visiting Hawaii, it’s nice to swing by Waimea and chill at the beach. It isn’t as crowded as Waikiki. There’s a rock here that we used to jump off. When the water is calm it’s a peaceful jump. Days like this with warning signs up, make it seem dangerous.

19 Apr 2011

Vegas break

I’ve been planning this trip since January, and I knew it would be another awesome stay in Vegas. I stayed at my usual spot at the Palazzo (Venetian) which is always amazing. I got to do a mix of just about everything I wanted, and I only lost $30 bucks

27 Jan 2011


As many of you know by now I’m obsessed with Nutella. I could literally eat it for every meal and snack of the day but I’m trying to not weigh 5000 pounds so I keep my addiction in check. While eating my morning nutella and toast breakfast and going through

25 Jan 2011

LA Photo Food Dump

I’ve been soaking in the beginning of 2011 in LA with my family, boyfriend, friends, and LA itself and the good food that comes along with it. Not only do I feel the weight gain, but it shows. I had to buy new pants out there because I couldn’t fit

03 Dec 2010

food, phone, daily sighting

I’m going back to my old blog stylee, with camera phone photos from the daily. Starting w/ my favorite topic food. To the left is a Kobe Steak burger from Burgermeister in Berzerkeley. Pretty good, it comes w/ dip. I chose a salad but ended up with fries from Mara

21 Nov 2010

Cali passing thru

Our homie Dara sold his wheels to a local dude here in Vegas. His friends came along as well, we went around town and hung out. Wings at Chicken Bonz to having tea at Chinatown it was all goodtimes. Dara’s friend Minh is now part of the LOWBALLERS crew and

08 Sep 2010

Whats One Eating

Who doesn’t love food? Today many people all over the world have Phones capable of uploading photos straight to their twitter and Facebook. People love to post what they are eating on the daily basis. This is where I came up with Whats one eating. A central direct site where