26 Aug 2011

6 Days in Tokyo

Hi… …and No, it’s not a movie but I feel like we’re shooting take after take. Meetings after Meetings after Meetings.. That’s what this trip has been for the past 3 days and finally tomorrow I have a break. Going to check out the regular shops, new shops and friends

09 Feb 2011

Project Cima part 1

Thanks to the Meguiar’s and Wraptivo, the Q45 (aka Cima 50 in Japan) is about 60% wrapped and I have to say, this is probably thee best vinyl I’ve ever used in my existence of doing vinyl. It’s super forgiving and works super amazing. We still need to do quite

29 Nov 2010

G-Fine’s GREEN Y33

G-Fine’s Gachapin-themed Y33 Nissan Cima was one of the most popular VIP cars at the Tokyo Autosalon Show in 2009. Some have seen this car in person and some its your first look. What some people might not know the owner isn’t a he but is actually a she! Awesome