10 Sep 2013

Lexus LF-NX Crossover Hybrid Concept Debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

Lexus unveiled the latest concept, the LF-NX compact crossover at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Measuring in at 182.7 inches with a 106.3 inch wheelbase this crossover is smaller than the current RX Sport Utility Vehicle. The powerful lines of of the front fascia bring a more distinctive and sculpted styling

20 Sep 2011

TokyoDrive.TV x Europe

I’ve been friends with Kenta for many many years now and when I found out I was going to miss the trip to UK last weekend, I didnt know how much stuff I would be missing after seeing Kenta’s blog. Great cars, food and scenery so head on over to

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04 Nov 2010


Blessings+Peace Fam | As our adventure tapered off from Helsinki + London, we were able to return back to the US for about a week where we found ourselves entrenched in yet, another challenging project. It wasn’t before long that we were once again on a plane, but this time