24 Oct 2012

Season of Balance

As the season of balance slowly comes to an end so do the bday celebrations. Life is good.  Life is…excellent.  Life is renewed.     And what better way to balance these scales than with delicious dishes and birthday wishes, liquid quenches and body drenches. I’m ready 38…for another year

22 Oct 2012


The impossible just became possible as the San Francisco Giants, down 3-1, have just won 3 in a row to push and shove their way to the 2012 WORLD SERIES! I personally wanted to release this tee before the NLCS but didnt want to jinx their journey to the World

09 Nov 2010

Giants Victory Parade

Congrats to the Giants for winning the World Series! (I’m still smiling about it) To celebrate there was a victory parade where they took the same route as their arrival in 1958. It was a regular day for me, just planned on taking an early lunch break. Bart was packed

10-0000 FTLCBG_CC
01 Nov 2010


GIGANTES Fans All Across The Bay + World Are Going Insane Tonight. And being the fans that we are, it’s only right that we come correct and present our celebratory SRxMM + FTLC design, saluting our hometown team. Hitting the Fatlace HQ SF store shortly. Come on by and help

17 Sep 2010

Day at the Ballpark

Big ups to the Giants for taking first in the NL West! Nice time to post up my snaps from a game I went to a few weeks back. Saw my old roomie Rom w/ his baby girl randomly outside the park. Only a couple months old. Maybe the youngest