18 Dec 2015

Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays fast approaching I wanted to provide a few gift ideas for those that procrastinated as long as I have. I’ve selected a unique range of products that will show your loved ones you put a bit more thought into their present than a Starbucks gift card. There’s

28 Sep 2013

24 must see and do’s in Japan…

There is nothing cooler than getting on a plane, and going somewhere unknown.  So many new experiences await you.  After having lived in Japan for going on 6 years now I enjoyed going through a bunch of my photos and laughing at some of my previous experiences.  So I decided

03 Sep 2013

Fatlace Friday Recap # 3

Hope everyone’s back on grind after the holiday weekend!Here’s a recap on how we started and celebrated our holiday weekend: Fatlace Fridays and  the Pre Labor Day Sale at the Fatlace Paddock! RC cars getting warmed up for a drift battle! A replica of Mark’s FR-S. What do you think?

27 Aug 2013


As we have said from our recent Fatlace Fridays recap post, if you missed last week’s back to school sale, you’re in luck as we will be having our Labor Day sale this Friday at the Fatlace Paddock exclusively for Fatlace Fridays! Apart from the sale, we will have another

22 Dec 2010

SF Holiday Store Hours

Our elves will be taking a break for the next few days but you have til Friday til 5pm to get your stuff. Store Hours. Friday 12 – 5 / Closed 12.25-12.27 / Reopens 12.28