17 Dec 2015

Sold Out

Watching this “reseller” documentary is fitting for a #tbt. I know most will view the piece as an introspective on hypebeast thirst but I’ve digested the videos as a blast-from-the-past and reflection on how much this game’s changed. But first off, I won’t front like I’ve never flipped anything. In

03 Mar 2015

Sneakerheadz Documentary

Growing up in he 80’s my mom and dad didn’t have much, my dad was hustling to get his small two bay bodyshop start up going, and ma-dukes was a stay at home mom who took really good care of us, making sure we did our homework, brushed our teeth

25 Jun 2014

California Adventures

For the past few weeks, I’ve been on a vacation from paradise.  I left Hawaii and woke up on the east coast for “work” then enjoyed an extended layover in California. While home in Orange County, I was fortunate to attend my brothers’ graduations; one with his masters, and the

16 Apr 2014

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 by Lance Mountain

These definitely are worth making me post about shoes again. Jordan 1’s were used by many skaters back in the mid 80s and this time they’re back with the legendary Lance Mountain’s take on the iconic shoe as they wore them back in the day. These shoes in my opinion

20 Mar 2012

7 Days of Flyness

If you’re old school like me, you’ve probably amassed yourself a nice collection of kicks.  Old school also meaning kicks always gotta be clean (with baby wipes never leaving today’s bag).  Fellas…I don’t know about other ladies, but I do know that me and my crew pay attention to kicks

04 Feb 2012

Cole Haan x Nike LunarGrand Wingtip

Since the acquisition of Cole Haan by Nike you’ve seen quite a bit of mashup air type dress shoes. This one is no different but what does stand out are the colors. Lunar seems to be the choice and staple Nike’s been fiddling with in their mashups. Introducing the LunarGrand

01 Sep 2011

Fatlace Japantown: New Nike Toki

We received new Nike Tokis. Swing by the shop today to check them out!

10 Nov 2010

Images ~ I Rock Labels, Do You?

I met up today with my friend and collaborator Melloe Won at Brooklyn Projects Pasadena.  For those of you that don’t know, Melloe was the one who reached out to me to do the photo exhibit at Brooklyn Project last September. He laced me with a nice package of gear

27 Oct 2010

Preview ~ The Hundreds x Jun Cha ~ Johnson Mid Collaboration

s week, The Hundreds will be releasing a special version of the Johnson Mid, done in collaboration with L.A. based artist Jun Cha, a globally respected tattoo artist and also a dedicated fine artist and oil painter. For this collaborative project, the Johnson Mid features original Jun Cha artwork inspired

09 Aug 2010

Star Wars x Adidas Originals Attitude Hi ‘Jabba The Hutt’

The sleazy green crime lord of the galaxy, Jabba the Hutt may not be the most affable character inStar Wars (Though, men everywhere are probably thanking him for holding Princess Leia prisoner and putting her in that golden bikini), but he is indeed an indispensable character to the Star Wars