28 Oct 2016

Knog PWR Launches on Kickstarter

Knog has launched the new “pwr” collection of outdoor products on Kickstarter. What makes the products unique is that they use a single power source. Made to use on the go, whether you’re cycling or camping or simply needing to charge your smartphone, the collection provides the power you need.

12 Oct 2016

Capsule Launches New Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce the Accomplice and Diplomat

Capsule Wallets has launched their new Kickstarter campaign to introduce two new products, The Accomplice, and the Diplomat. The two new products join the popular, Minimalist, to round out Capsule’s collection of slim carry solutions. The Accomplice is a zipper wallet, that is ultra thin and provides maximum storage. The

05 Oct 2016

Lexdray Debuts New Portland Sneaker Duffel on Kickstarter

Lexdray known for their high quality bags has debuted the latest product, the Portland Sneaker Duffel, exclusively on Kickstarter. The Portland Sneaker Duffel is packed with features such as the roll-top center channel lined with fleece for shoe protection and a can easily fit two to three pairs of any

14 Jul 2016

Peak Design Launches New Everyday Series of Bags

Peak Design has launched their new Everyday Series of bags for pre-order. The styles vary with the new Everyday Backpack (available in 2 sizes), Everyday Tote, and the Everyday Sling. The new collection features weatherproof construction with premium, lightweight materials, custom hardware, and a clean design aesthetic. Each bag has

17 Dec 2014

Designing Hope For Chicago

After my recent trip to Chicago over the summer, I was made aware of the beauty and the history of the city, one in which is significant on many levels culturally creating milestones in architecture, sports, and even food. With its rich history also comes a darker side that resonates

02 Dec 2014


Most people have already heard of KickStarter, a global crowd-funding platform based in the U.S. Together creators and backers make projects happen. Project creators set funding goals and deadlines. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. The company’s stated mission is to help bring

18 Nov 2014

Flyt Solo

I’m always looking for new products that are not only functional, but sleek and stylish. The designers from Flyt have found a better way to store your toothbrush or razor. Solo is CNC machined from the highest-grade metal to resist corrosion in a minimal and modern design. Leaving your toothbrush

03 Aug 2014

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap and Clutch Hand Strap Review

Peak Design, makers of camera accessories, have about 10 days left on their latest Kickstarter product venture with the pre-release of the Slide and Clutch. The Slide is an all-in-one neck, shoulder, and sling strap. The Slide is adjustable to fit all body types and customizable to wear in multiple

20 Apr 2014

Fotobit: Modular Photo Framing System

Fotobit is a modular photo framing system. In a day when social media has become our chosen form of communication, the preservation of captured memories often fade and are pushed away as quickly as the next Instagram or Facebook post. Fotobit aims to help preserve these memories by providing a

28 Jan 2014

Custom SLR Camera Glide Strap and C-Loop Mount Review

In searching for a replacement strap for my DSLR I came across the Custom SLR Glide Strap. So I decided to try it out and even purchased one for my brother as a Christmas gift. I made my initial selection based on other reviews and was drawn to the clean