28 May 2013

Simplicity at it’s finest.

Every since the stance/hellaflush scene started people have been pushing their cars to the limit. As of lately though, I have noticed more and more people having massive amounts of bodywork done to their cars so that their fenders will be able to accommodate ever growing wheel sizes, mainly widths

21 Apr 2011

The Daily GS650

Wow.. yeah, wow is all I can say when Kyle first sent me a photo of this Aristo owned by Zeb. Engine and exterior mods make this stick out like a sore thumb and get this… its driven daily. Who says you need a V8 swap when you can make

25 Jan 2011

Meister Z

Jordan Piper owns this super clean 2003 Pikes Peak White Nissan 350z. It’s probably obvious the 350z has turned into one very tunable and affordable cars as of late and I’m sure people will continue to tune Z’s for a long time. Very cool car not only as a daily