31 Dec 2014

2014 Unpublished

Of the 300 GBs of photos I took in 2014, only 3 GBs of those ever made it to Fatlace; the others may have gotten some love on Instagram or even lost while waiting for publication, releases, etc….so here’s to the ones that never made it! Earlier this month, we

27 May 2014

You Really Bout Yo’ Money, Bitch… or nah?

Swooning over these bad ass ladies right now. Oakland born singer, Kehlani and rapper Tia NoMore drop their remake of Ty Dolla $ign’s “Or Nah” track…. and this shit is fuckin’ fiyahhhhhh. They “dropped this shit with no promo”… but best believe they on the rise.

23 May 2014

No Need To Unhook My Bra (NSFW)

I’ve been sitting at my work desk for a couple of hours now, and I noticed that I’m breathing so, so much easier. I’m feeling free flowing, sexy, and relaxed, and it’s cause I stepped outta the house today leaving my lacy, overly expensive Victoria’s Secret bra at home. With

20 May 2014

Deadprez Interrupting Your Feed

   Sorry to interrupt your feed, boys. My name is Deadprez. I’m a street style enthusiast, and an aspiring HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge), who is here to give you a look into the world of a new breed of women. Now, I don’t know shit about cars (…sorry, Mark. Just

15 Nov 2012

@EMMULATE: Instant Gratification

Like everyone else and their hip-iphone-toting mother, I got bit by the Instagram bug. And hard. I love the incredible ease of micro-blogging: it doesn’t require the photo editing process blogging requires (my nemesis in life) and is like Tumblr, but for super dummies with extreme ADD. Thank goodness for

27 Jan 2011


As many of you know by now I’m obsessed with Nutella. I could literally eat it for every meal and snack of the day but I’m trying to not weigh 5000 pounds so I keep my addiction in check. While eating my morning nutella and toast breakfast and going through

20 Jan 2011

MAC X Wonder Woman Collection

MAC Cosmetics has used a variety of icons for their collections, everyone from Barbie to Hello Kitty and now my personal favorite heroine Wonder Woman. This collection is jampacked with amazing eyeshadow palettes, colorful mascaras, must have brush sets, and can’t live without pigments. (just to name a few) The

20 Jan 2011

Coco’s Habit V.3 by Tamara Sky

Our favorite female DJ Tamara Sky is at it again as she’s turned out another amazing mix and this time its for her monthly Miami party at Coco Deville. This mix is jam packed with nonstop bangers guaranteed to get you out of bed and onto the dance floor. It’s