16 Oct 2010

Wide Wheel Wednesdays

Since everyone with dope rides meets up every Wednesday Nights at the Fukuburger truck in Las Vegas, I decided to call it WWW for Wide Wheel Wednesdays. It will happen every Wednesday Night at 8pm, Come chill and check out the rides..not to mention grabbing an awesome burger from the

12 Oct 2010


A new place to chill and Drink in Las Vegas away from the strip. Conceptually designed by Chris Julian who owns Fruition and runs UNDFTD LV. A spacious space filled with TV’s and modern decor, not to mention a full menu with specialty items such as Fried twinkies & Lobster

08 Sep 2010

Whats One Eating

Who doesn’t love food? Today many people all over the world have Phones capable of uploading photos straight to their twitter and Facebook. People love to post what they are eating on the daily basis. This is where I came up with Whats one eating. A central direct site where

04 Sep 2010

Raining Rubber

As I walked into the shop garage of Get Nutz Labz hidden in the desert of Las Vegas. I see this super low 240 in the corner, this was the ride I was about to shoot, Owned by Rainier Ramolete. I was in awe to see how low the BN

01 Sep 2010

Weekend Fillings

Oh Las Vegas or should I say Sin City… It makes people change once they come into the city for the first time. Strip Clubs to eats it is all here. Now what about car dudes? Smooth roads ahead..but watch out for flamingo and construction..haha. Lowballers crew made a little

31 Aug 2010

Hidden in the desert

I went to shoot this Sick 240 the other day, it was stored in a shop hidden in the desert. Looking around the shop I see parts and cars being worked on. It was an awesome sight to see. Stepping outside I see a huge lot, Hearing turbo spooling I

26 Aug 2010

The Weekend

Our out of state Lowballers crew Dara,Mike, and Will came into town this past weekend to kick it. It was the Formula D/ 1of1 show. Took them around the city to eat and sight see. Met some new people this past week which was dope. Of course eating at Hash

26 Aug 2010


Rod from UNDFTD silverlake sent this tee to me today at the shop. As I opened the envelope entitled Neek Bukkake, I wondered what it was. To my surprise it was an UNDFTD tee with my name in the back. Super Stoked!