07 Jun 2012

Sand One – female graffiti artist, paints LA

Somewhere in downtown LA, around the corner from the american cement building, there is a park with a lovely fountain and a man made lake.  But don’t be fooled by its beauty.  There is all kind of mysterious things happening around here. What’s that saying “Don’t step on a crack

23 May 2012

Nike and Me at the Montalban in Hollywood.

  Lights, theater, Nike.   I was invited to a customization appointment at the Montalban Theater @ Hollywood and Vine. Nike calls it Art room 1615.  A nod to Art class 1615 and the address of  the Montalban Theater –  which I didn’t know (till now) was named after Ricardo Montalban

25 Feb 2012

Terrywood cause he could – Terry Richardson exhibit

If you live in my neighborhood, then you definitely know it’s Oscar week.  I live an arms length from the Kodak theater where the award show is held and red carpet is held.  Now this red carpet might look and smell like the Oscars in Hollywood. Because there is paparazzi

22 Jan 2012

None but Ourselves Can Free our Minds

Yes, that is me with a camelback on my shoulders, hiking poles on my pack, and out of breath.  Right before Christmas, I decided to go off grid and detox my mind, body, and spirit.  Why, because I remembered the Fatlace mantra “None but ourselves can free our minds”  and