21 Jan 2015

Canon AE-1 35mm

Even though this day in age is ruled by the digital world and social media, I often find myself shooting 35mm as much as possible. It’s not cheap, buying film, getting them developed, printed & scanned… however I feel the most reward when I see the results. I can set

23 Dec 2014


The Air Max sneaker has been a cult classic since its inception in 1987. From the comfort, stability, versatility, and it’s functionality. All in all it’s a practical everyday kind of shoe, that I fell in love with at an early age. Making it one of, if not my all

30 Oct 2014

“Down With The King”

Jay’s like King Midas as I was told Everything that he touched turned to gold He’s the greatest of the greater get it straight He’s great Playing fame cause his name is known in every state His name is Jay To see him play Will make you say God damn

NYC (1)
02 Sep 2014

New York State of Mind

The last stop on our summer of travels is New York!  First time back since May 27, 2006 to visit our little future Army guy in training at my alma mater…so many things have changed!  One thing I wish I did when I lived on this side of the country

Brisk Bodega
09 Sep 2011

Brisk Bodega

With the resurgence of the Brisk claymation videos earlier this year, the old school beverage brand has reestablished itself on top of the iced tea world. Call me a sucker, but when my favorite rapper drinks Brisk… I’ll drink Brisk. Now, the iconic blue can is taking to the streets

10 Nov 2010

Nas, Cee Lo, Diplo: Heineken Inspire Encore Event NYC!

We all know that Heineken throws some of the best sponsored concerts to date, hands down. When they announced that Nas, Cee Lo and Diplo (including Pete Rock, Roxy Cottontail, and a special guest performance – I wonder who?!) were going to perform this Saturday, November 13th at a SECRET

10 Nov 2010

Timberland Boot Company Collection

Timberland’s new collection, aptly named, Timberland Boot Company, tells a tale of our industrial past and the nation of workers and people who lived through it. With three Women’s series: Lucille, Gavie, and Marge, inspired by the Shelburne Farms, these series of shoes displays a rugged, yet strong, sense of

13 Oct 2010

Levi’s PHOTO Workshop NYC

Today, I had the pleasure of not only taking a break from work, but also getting the opportunity to have a “guided” tour around Levi’s PHOTO Workshop housed at the Deitch Gallery at 18 Wooster (thanks again Kelsey!). Going far beyond print and digital advertising, Levi’s decided to step up

31 Jul 2010

Half way through the Summer [NYC]

Can’t believe the summer its almost over… Beach, pool parties, cruises, BBQ, roof top, etc. How about the city? here is some of the pictures of what summer has been so far, in the City that never sleeps… That’s the story so far. más fotos por favor! j.martinez