09 Jun 2011

Steppin’ the game up: Jay’s Nismo 370z

We can all agree that modifying cars is a slippery slope.  It’s hard to just change one thing without a whirlwind of “necessary” additional upgrades, typically needing very little justification.  Jay’s former vehicle of choice was a Scion TC, which he pretty much modified to it’s limits.  This is where

18 May 2011

Chad Rapper’s G35: Working out the details

There aren’t a whole lot of cars that I can repeatedly shoot, and I think a lot of photographers can relate to that statement.  An exception to this statement is Chad Rapper’s ProCharged Infiniti G35 coupe.  Chad is locally known as the go-to guy to have your car detailed, and

15 May 2011

Project X BBQ

I can never say enough great things about Project X here in Chicagoland.  From providing outstanding service to letting me work on my own personal Z32 in their garage, these guys are quickly setting the standard for what a shop should be.  Today they opened their doors to the local

08 May 2011

My sedan will beat up your sedan

If you live in the Chicago area and are in the car scene, you’ve most likely heard of Project X.  Owner Larry Kenney and Owner/Mechanic Eli have two of the dopest cars in Chicago, hands down.  I will definitely be making some camera love to Larry’s twin turbo 350z in