31 Dec 2011

pickin up and intro

I kind of wanted to re-intro myself to everyone real quick. My name is Josh Hooks (known as grippymonkey or jhooks on the net). I grew up in the SF Bay and have been living in LA going on 6 years now. I’ve modded over a dozen or more cars

09 Dec 2011

aussie bunny

I was checking through the Mk1 section on VWvortex as usual and came across this car. It just stood out for some reason, and I thought it deserved some love. I really enjoy properly kept old school Euros. These are one of the handful of cars that can pull of

09 Jul 2011

Daily Driven | A 70′s Rabbit?

No, this isnt a 70’s VW Rabbit but instead it’s a 1984 VW GTI. I used to have one of these and still remember its smell as I entered the car. Funny how VW’s have a distinctive smell, depending on makes and models. Weird but I suppose that’s VW. (Click