21 Oct 2014

Little Things

Something about celebrating another trip around the sun that makes you appreciate all of life’s blessings. This year I spent it enjoying all of my little things. Because little things are what make up big things. #lifeisbeautiful Stingray catch!  No worries…he threw it back. #pupusas Long life noodles!  #tradition Cheers

08 Oct 2014

The Return of Orange October

That time of the year when it’s summertime in the Bay and baseball is best of the best. #OrangeOctober My Godboo is born and raised #orangeandblack. 18 innings later… Yes! Yes! Yes! Because champagne rain never gets old. On to the final four. #NLCS Let’s go Giants!  

18 Jun 2014

Til Death Do Us Part

Honor, faith, courage, loyalty… warrior. Check out the fierce new install at Somar, an All Lady Warrior Zine + Art Show featuring works by local women illustrators and writers, as well as two from NY and one from London, conveying the omnipotence of the steadfast female spirit… Til Death Do

05 Nov 2012

Orange October

Sorry for the late posting this week folks! If you’re from the Bay then you’ll understand that this past week was VERY EVENTFUL to say the least. With getting some extra baseball in and a GIANT parade to complete it…October was definitely orange (and black). Thank you GIANTS for another

22 Oct 2012


The impossible just became possible as the San Francisco Giants, down 3-1, have just won 3 in a row to push and shove their way to the 2012 WORLD SERIES! I personally wanted to release this tee before the NLCS but didnt want to jinx their journey to the World

10 Oct 2012

Oaktown is Kickin’ It

I’ve been hittin’ up First Fridays for a good minute and I gotta say…it’s WAYYY off the hook now.  The media finally got word of this monthly street party in Downtown Oakland so now everyone and their mama be comin’ out to feel the love.  And with the new addition

25 Sep 2012

Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good

Fall has arrived and if you know anything about the Bay Area then you know this is actually the most beautiful season of the year…aka the Bay’s summertime.  And what better way to bring in the warmest time of year than with a food festival.  And not just any food

01 Nov 2010


It’s going CRAZY IN SF RIGHT NOW!! Check out the photos! CONGRATS to the San Francisco Giants. From today on and our gift to you, the HUGE TEES are ONLY $10 OR FREE if you spend $50 or more online. Just put in the code: GOGIANTS and get the free