25 Feb 2016

Hello from the Other Side

Hello from the other side = Aloha        

20 Nov 2012

The Green

The Universe be funny.  Sometimes it’s best to just let it do its thing.  Last weekend I had no plans whatsoever to go to The Green show. Apparently the Universe did not agree.  And though it was last minute, with tix given to us on the day of…just hours before,

Cali Roots 47
31 May 2012

Cali Roots

My Memorial Day weekend was spent at the 3rd Annual California Roots Festival held in Monterey, California.  And if you were there, you know just how dope this reggae fest turned out to be.  A sea of people…vibin’, puffin’, one lovin’.  It’s days later and I’m still feelin’ irie.