29 Jun 2012

Nike+ Training #GameOnWorld Recap

Nike continues to make workouts fun, while monitoring your results with the release of Nike+ Training. With my Nike Fuel Band on and camera by my side I returned to the Montalban to experience what Nike+ Training is all about. Released today, June 29, 2012, the Nike+ Training shoes, Lunar

23 Feb 2012

NIKE Unveils NIKE+ Experience for Basketball and Training Athletes

NIKE announced yesterday the NIKE+ Experience for basketball and training. The new technology incorporated within the footwear measures jump height, hustle and quickness for athletes and creates a game-like challenge. Data collected from integrated shoes with Nike pressure sensors wirelessly transfers data to users mobile phones. The social element is

19 Nov 2010

Pow Wow Sessions at FTLC

So we had a little pow wow with the folks from Oregon and the little company I used to work for called Nike. Esaie was my brother from another mother when I worked there so it was good to see him. It was also great to see really awesome training