Picture 8
27 Sep 2010

“A Bad Dream” Sary and Randys wedding short movie

I first met Mike when in the 90’s when life was all about Meccagraphics, drag racing and car shows, parties and filming 360 Video and graff. He was in a crew called Jetspeed. They had some quick cars and always repped hard at the car shows. He now runs Sato

16 Aug 2010

Best Wedding Montage Ever: Pierre & Beverly. 08.07.10

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y-UaIyf0mw I met Pierre and Beverly about 2 years ago at the Cellar in SF for a gig my good friend, Antony was DJ’ing, and actually saw them the week before their wedding for dinner with friends. These two are so chill and definitely dope company to have