28 May 2013

Simplicity at it’s finest.

Every since the stance/hellaflush scene started people have been pushing their cars to the limit. As of lately though, I have noticed more and more people having massive amounts of bodywork done to their cars so that their fenders will be able to accommodate ever growing wheel sizes, mainly widths

28 Sep 2011

Fatlace TV: Formula D Las Vegas Recap

Vegas Vegas Vegas…. 2nd year shooting this track… Working with new camera, new lenses, and a messed up tripod. Wasnt the happiest with the footage i got either. Especially after thinking i uploaded everything, then reformatted the card to shoot stuff in Hawaii to come home and find out there

17 Aug 2011

Fatlace TV: Formula D Seattle Recap

Team Fatlace hits round 5 of Formula Drift in Seattle. Walker, Matt, and Ian Fournier who is now back in the r32 v8 powered skyline, were driving well all weekend. Along with a sold out Slammed Society Carshow, it was an awesome time! Kick back and Watch the Formula D,

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 11.49.30 PM
14 Jun 2011

FatlaceTV: FD Atlanta Recap.

Team Fatlace hits Round 2 of Formula Drift in Atlanta. Walker puts down solid runs and makes it into another top 16 finish and Matt making it into the top 32 finish again. This video has been out for awhile, but just now getting to post up on the site.