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It’s that time of the month…
First Fridays and you know where I be.
Recently named The Most Exciting City in the COUNTRY,
dem some big words and big shoes to fill.
But to those already in the know…
it’s HELLA proper.
And just like Hammer says, “U can’t touch this.”


And it’s gettin’ hot son.We got seated at the right table.I’m steady getting addicted to Italian soda.At the fave bar gettin’ our happy hour on.Cheers to the bday dude!Art by K-Dub.Keep ’em comin’.New sculptures on Telegraph.#oooooo #aaaahhhIt ain’t Oakland till you see 30s.Delights and bites.  #edibles#wordDamn Gina!  The line be around the block.But we got line jumping status. #VIP#duckthefodgers #beatLA #sweep

But right now it’s all about…

Till the next episode…


Co-Owner/Designer/Cultivator of MaryJane Clothing. 1970’s baby, Cali grown lady. Belle on the beach, bunny in the snow. Fast lane, fast cars. Been there, done that. Got the bounce to the ounce, spittin Strictly Business lyrics. I beez the sweetest of the cream, the brightest of the beam, the best in the West, hella irie honey...one love and stay blessed. So if you don’t know...now you know!