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Thank goodness for my peeps out in the UK

Just want to send a quick shout out to our friends in the UK, Kilawatts music.  We made a catalog exchange recently and bunch of goodies came in the mailbox today!!!  They’re definitely putting out quality music and you should definitely check out their catalog.  With artist rosters inculding Eric Lau and Damu the Fudgemunk, you really can’t go wrong.  Thanks Fellas!

I also made a quick trip to the record shop today and picked up that new B.Bravo EP and found Cal Tjader album that i’ve been looking for.  You’re seriously sleeping if you don’t know who they are. Anywho, overall I gotta say that “today was a good day”.

Broken Haze vs. B. Bravo


I'm a dj, beat maker, and run with my crew called Mellow Orange. Like most beat fanatics I'm addicted to vinyl and my only cure is poverty.