1st Fridays 68

I’ve been hitting the First Friday scene in Oakland for a good year now.  And I gotta say, last week’s First Friday was THE most crackingest.  Everywhere…from food trucks, galleries, the streets, alleys and the bars…packed!  Walkin on the sidewalks…fuggedaboudit.  We had to bypass along with moving cars on Telegraph.  Straight POPPIN!

And as the summer approaches, I predict it will only get better.  Oakland Art Murmur.  Come see for yourself, be part of the hype, and doowutchyalike…in the biggity biggity O.

Maria FatimaEstria battle canvases @ SomaR.

Our girl Kimlynh.  Straight sick wid it.

“Cause, yo, yo, we wanna know how many people in the flow,
Would like to just let yourselves go
And doowutchyalike,
Yeah, well tonight’s your night.
Just eat food, try not to be crude or rude,
Kill the attitude, chill the serious mood,
And doowutchyalike”

Till the next episode…

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  1. much love to first fridays everywhere!
    good people
    good music
    good art
    good time

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