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Hello 🙂 Im back, again… haha. So! After a couple months of busy work and traveling i finally get home and what do i do? i buy a new toy… im now a proud owner of a Honda Ruckus ^.^…. So after a week of tinkering with it, modding & riding around.

I kept hearingg about a weekly meet that goes on every Thursday at The Hat in Temple City. So i thought id check it out and oh my wow did i not expect what i saw. Some yes SOME of socals finest Ruckus meeting up to cruise. there was at least 30 scooters in the small parkling lot but way to much awesomeness haha… i was jaw dropped most the time but anyways! made a little video & snapped some pics w my iPhone since i couldnt lug around my SLR while i was riding

Enjoy 🙂 Check your local Ruckus forum for meet up & times

Ill be doing a lot of ruckus features in the future & some featured shops out here in the area 🙂


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