January 2018. The Makuhari Messe.

Automotive year starts in Japan through the Tokyo Auto Salon. TAS, which may serve as the benchmark of automotive customization directs on how key players in the aftermarket industry approaches the new year.

After multiple attempts in flying out to join the highly anticipated event, 2018 is the year that finally ticks off TAS in my bucket list. Mixing work and play, the Public Relations allocated me to a 3-day media pass. An event that needs no introduction, my coverage for TAS will be spread out in various posts in the next couple of weeks As a kick-off, I will be focusing on the type of cars that I’ve been looking forward to see – the 70s, the 80s, the 90s.

On to the coverage.

For this entry, expect it to be more on photos than texts. Star Road brought out several resto-modded Zs.

With 11 halls and more than a thousand cars, my camera charge couldn’t keep up making several shots here from my phone.

The early Media access on Friday (9-2PM) made it easier for me to take photos. Taking photos over the weekend was quite a challenge.

One of my favorites from the show, the Speed Forme Hakosuka on TE37Vs.

Of all 5 C10s present, perhaps this was the cleanest – the Advan Yokohama demo car on Work Wheels 03s. Was it an authentic GT-R?

Super slammed Hako.

Kato-San’s kyusha roots was evident at the show with this Hako.

Spending time at the Rocky Auto booth with Watanabe-San’s 2JZ 2000GT aka 3000GT! Hopefully I can shoot this once the build is complete.

First time to see one of these!

Super challenging shot in making the whole car fit without the crowd!

Another favorite, 80s VIP styled Gloria with velvet seats!

326 Power S13.

Hands down my favorite at the show, Garage Active’s full CF R32.

Flying over for TAS was something I wanted since I was a kid because of the Skylines. Taking photos and learning about the builds was something for the books.

Talking about favorites, Top Secret has to be my favorite booth among all. The way they displayed their cars demonstrated Nagata-San’s legacy.

Too beautiful.

Clean San-Yon R34!

Dino from Speedhunters gave us a brief tour on his reworked R34 GTR. For me the car has a full 90s “Bayshore 90s feel” with his wheel choice, tire fitment and headlamp cover.

Uras showing off a different approach on the Ichigo.

Another looker at the show, Kazama Auto’s S15.

This Supra was rarely seen on the web. Varis new sister company Hurtling showcased the Solid & Joker Supra.

A proper demo car which highlights all aspects of the car. But what I find unique about TAS is giving out only 24 special awards for all categories…

Among all 31 cars highlighted in this post, this was the only car with an award. Take note that all of these are built on the highest standards by some of the best manufacturers in Japan. The Varis MKIV JZA80 which won third place in the Tuning Category.

Be right back with more coverage.

Kevin Carlos 

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