Lurking some of my favorite forums. I stopped by too check out VIPcarthailand forum. I’ve noticed a big growth in the import scene over in Thailand and I must tell you the car scene is absolutely crazy! I visited family and attended my grandmother’s funeral last year. During my stay in the city I noticed a big boom of VIP, Drift, Fitment & JDM/USDM Influence. The thing that trips me out the most is that the roads are CRAP, Driving a Low car is nearly impossible. Let alone try driving in the city its almost suicide there are fender benders everywhere haha. Though that does not stop them.

Anyways, Check out this VIP Yaris I came across… Yes VIP Yaris. This is all hotness :]! all the styling put into this car is absolutely clean! I wish could get more info on the parts used  but I dont read, speak, understand Thai and Google Translate can only do to much 😛 enjoy!


The author Yogi

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  1. really cool that Thailand is getting on board and doing original things in a place that would otherwise be deemed as not being able to have a scene

  2. If you can link me the post I can have my co-worker try to read/translate the text. I actually work for a Thai company so I’m sure one of them could help translate.

  3. Thailand actually has some of the hottest vip cars outside of Japan, they really set the bar high. I’ll hit that up in my blog a little later on. You guys will be shocked…

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