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So for about 2 years now, I’ve been living and working in Orange County. I’m originally from Los Angeles County, born and raised, in Illest downtown LA were I spent most of my day’s. Yes I really like the Fresh Prince.

The two city’s are only 40 miles apart, but to me its a world of a difference. Even though not far apart, I’m still away from family, friends and familiar places that I’ve been used to. When living in LA, I’d be able to drive down the street and find my friends at the local Starbucks. Not anymore. When friends would visit me from out of town, I was the official tour guide of Los Angeles. I’d even show my friends all the original Fast and The Furious locations Which they enjoyed very much. I knew the city like the back of my hands, head and toes. I knew exactly were Johnny Tran got killed by Brian O’ Connor. Yes it’s true. I’m a ricer at heart. There were even nights where me and my closest friends would hop into my car and drive aimlessly. We drove around till that $40 dollars I put in my tank went back down to empty. During these spontaneous trips, I would try to search for unique locations to shoot my car features. Often time locations are reused over and over by different photographers. Now that I’m living in Orange County, the hunt begins for new shoot locations.

Last night my girlfriend thought it would be fun to lock her keys in her car. She asked if I could drive down and bring her spare keys when she got off and so I did. Her work schedule is quite sporadic and their is really no specific time she gets off. So until I get a call from her, I thought I’d take the time to explore and scout. Normally I don’t like going into quiet and potentially dangerous locations alone, nor do I ever recommend it. But I’m hoping my large build would scare away people. They don’t call me Yogi for nothing! I’m really a scared cub on the inside. hahaha.

Found a really cool parking structure I pass by quite often during work flow. During the day it’s filled with homeless people and the strong stench of urine. At night, the warm florescent lights really gave this simple parking area a really awesome look. It still smelled like pee though. hah. Since I had no one’s car to shoot, why not mine!

Location: Downtown Santa Ana Civic Center / Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Equipment: Nikon D800 + Nikkor 35mm 1.4G
No Tripod or Lighting. I need to be able to leave quickly just incase.




Location: Rancho Santiago Community College administration building by the 5 freeway

Equipment: Nikon D800 + Nikkor 35mm 1.4G
SLIK Tripod.

Here’s a photo on my setup, shot my Andorid Potato.


The author Yogi

Ignition Marketing Group. C R E A T I V E M A N A G E R


  1. Great pics! But someone needs to edit text before it goes online. Tons of errors. Constructive criticism.. love the page!

    1. I agree and don’t take anything by it. Only time I get to post is usually late night, so it’s really me very sleepy and talking out of my ass. Haha.

      I appreciate your honesty!

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