If you’re a driver and interested in learning and having fun driving at our private event, sign up for WordUp! on December 18th as there are still 6 spots available. If you don’t already know, WordUp! is a drifting/gymkhana event held at a private parking lot the size of 7 football fields at Great America in Santa Clara, CA. It’s a HUGE lot inspired by the Ebisu’s Circuit in Japan that has lots of turns, elevation changes that makes for lots of fun.

Each course isn’t setup for HIGH SPEED, it’s setup to improve car control, test your skills with shifting while drifting, and further develop your driving ability. The course starts out with long drifts then goes into a very technical layout. It looks simple enough but remember its a huge course so its going to be fun, even in the rain! Each event is closed to 30 Drivers and has been filing up fast.

for more information and course layout, click here.


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