After seeing Question’s collections I kinda of want one for myself. Sorry Vestax…

[vimeo 14752321 700 417]

Here’s a look at 6 vintage record players in my collection. The first one is an antique 1920’s Victrola Phonograph. I bought it from its original owner who restored it himself. Next is the G.E. Wildcat which was released in the late 60’s and early 70’s. My awesome wife gave this to me for christmas last year. She found this model in immaculate condition at an antique store and its seriously brand new! The next one is the Califone 1010, I picked this up since this was the same model they used back in middle school and it was a bit nostalgic. The first portable is the 1960 Japanese issue Toshiba GP-41E. This red player caught my eye with its modern shape. It’s also smaller than the portable players in its era. The next portable is the Columbia GP-3 which was also a Japanese release. The first version came in a cream and red colorway, and this clear case was made in limited quantity. And finally, the smallest of the pack is the 1970 Naco Portable. One of the features that made this player stand out besides its size -is that it isn’t belt-driven. The Nalco runs direct drive by a rubber spindle that grips the record and spins it at 33 or 45 speed. This was actually a great find, it was still in its original box and came complete with manual and documents.

Nothing beats the warm sound of records. Imagining how they did it back in the early days is an experience in itself. Enjoy!