Regrettably, I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve written an article for the blog and quite honestly it definitely has been. Life gets busy and priorities shift, but as long as the linear path that you’re walking leads to forward progression then you’re headed in the right direction. The same can be said about the titled shop who’s story I’ll be telling here. Enter Black Forest Technik.

991.2 C2S getting a thorough once-over

Chances are, if you’ve been apart of the water-cooled Volkswagen scene over the past two decades, the Black Forest moniker rings a synonymous bell with custom parts fabrication and service along the VAG product range. After almost 20 years of being a house-hold name in this niche, the creative wheels began to turn, and BFI’s sister company Black Forest Technik was born.

While Black Forest Industries still creates bespoke, OEM+ one-off aftermarket parts for your VW/Audi applications, Technik handles all of the heavy lifting and wrench turning when it comes to service and modification installations.

997 C4S in for Fabspeed headers and CAI upgrade

With almost a year and a half under the Technik banner’s belt, the exponential progress thus far has been stupendous. The roster consists of four full-time technicians with exorbitant experience in the Volkswagen and Audi space along with two service advisors (one being myself), a general manager with decades of field history, and the shop owners as well.

The overall mission statement that Black Forest Technik wants to drive home is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving a half-million dollar Lamborghini Aventador or your everyday MK6 two-liter; rest assured, you’ll be receiving highly engineered European service with a plethora of personal and professional experience to back such.

Believe it or not, BFT loves spicy Volkswagens that aren’t slammed toward the Tarmac as well

It’s been pretty surreal being apart of a world-renowned brand like Technik and the pride that comes with that is the reason why the quality is held to such a high standard. I encourage you to check out the shop if you’re looking to have your European ride kept on the road for a little while longer or would like it to get to ‘point B’ a little bit quicker. Ein Prosit.

BFT’s own Daniel Coop and his lifted, overland styled, Touareg
MK4 .:R32 in for extensive service
MK1 Jetta on Work Equip 01’s
My 12V VR6 swapped MK2 Jetta Coupe