Our good friend Ohmega Watts has just completed his ‘Labor of Love’ mix series, just in time for Valentine. I’ll let him tell you about the mix himself…

A mix I’ve compiled of some Modern Soul tracks from as early as ‘77 to as late as ‘86. This is the 4th installment to a series I’ve done, and varied each year since around ‘07 (skipping one year) for Valentine’s. They’ve never been overly lovey dovey to make the lonely hearted wince, and not too much of the broken hearted tracks to cause agony, but the right blend of LOVE in all forms, creating an audible journey for almost any occasion and it’s FREE!!!

Click HERE to stream and HERE to download.

**This is an ‘ALL VINY’L mix**

It couldn’t truly be a LABOR of LOVE if it wasn’t GIVEN AWAY!

Enjoy, and share the link… spread the love!

– Ohmega Watts