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The most productive thing I’ve done all weekend was shoot my buddy’s, Mike Klonoff’s (@Swagtothemax) E36 M3. This car started as a stock M3 that sat under the covers, hidden in a corner of the parking lot at the house I live at. When Mike had to part ways with his beloved Lexus LS400, him and I knew that the hunt for the replacement was on. Fortunately, we didn’t need to look very far because the car belonged to my roommate who at the time was getting ready to move to Arizona. After a few months of convincing, Mike and my roommate had come to an agreement and history was made. Fast forward to nearly two years and possibly SIX sets of wheels later, Mike’s M3 now sits on SSR Professor SP1’s. Internetinės parduotuvės vertimas ir lokalizacija – daugiakalbis e-commerce