Theres one thing owning a kart, but it’s another thing finding time.  My brother and I decided its about time we took it out again so today we took the kart out for a blast.

This is my 2012 Tony Kart Alonso with a 125cc 2 stroke Rotax engine, the most popular engine/series in the UK.

We’ve never driven this track before (Forest Edge) but the fast flowing corners made it a great laugh with plenty of action from the other guys testing too.  We got this kart purely for fun meanwhile having “friendly” competition on each others lap times.  In the UK, it’s a sport that can be taken way too seriously especially with money and politics of the karting industry but for someone like me, going fast, playing with engines and hanging out with my brother is all that matters.

Karting Forest Edge (1 of 8)

My brother, primed and ready for his first stint.

Karting Forest Edge (2 of 8)

We had brand spanking new tyres for todays outing, felt good scrubbing these up a real treat on the first few laps.  Compared to the last time we went out (last year in the winter with old tyres and cold temperatures) todays driving was a completely different feeling.

Karting Forest Edge (3 of 8) Karting Forest Edge (4 of 8)

Me, just before heading out with the new tyres.

Karting Forest Edge (5 of 8) Karting Forest Edge (6 of 8)

These are the tyres after one 10 minute session, you can see how much they can wear out.  Super soft and super tacky, the grip levels are pretty insane.  At £130 ($200) a pop, things can get real expensive over time.  These should however last us a good few days of testing.

Close action evidently means there will be a few bumps and taps, leaving evidence like this…my race number being nicely scrubbed off by another kart.

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