My son is into Beyblades, is your kid?
They are fun, durable and just a good toy!
He caught a package from our friend who hooked it up!
Beyblades 001

This one he can control with “attacks”, “spirit” and even direction, AWESOME!
Beyblades 005

Parker and his friends always want to have battles!
I would be scared look at this face!
Beyblades 003

Bring it!
Tongue out, Michael Jordan is the basketball player to Parkers Beyblading ability!
Beyblades 007

Yesterday I went, saw and met my friends at Bluemedia, if you haven’t heard of em you’ve seen their work all over the country at sporting events, festivals, banners and more….
Huge building working on some RAD projects…
Bluemedia March 2012 011

SERIOUS printers here!
Bluemedia March 2012 006

The infamous HUGE HP printer…
Bluemedia March 2012 005

Fabrication of signs like metal ones this for the KC Royals, behind me was a scoreboard even…
Bluemedia March 2012 001

They do so much, this is just a taste of what they do at Bluemedia…
Well guess that’s it, have a GREAT WEEKEND!
Bluemedia March 2012 012