To be honest, i’m not much of a writer. I guess that’s why i’m the intern photographer for Illest. I’ve never been one to go on and on about myself so I kind of found that in photography I could hold the rambling bullshit and just show what I thought was worth getting a shot of at the time.

I get that photography is an outlet for a lot of people and while I genuinely enjoy it, it’s not that deep for me. I don’t mean to belittle it or anyone who considers it an outlet, I love hearing someones insights to their work, that’s just not me. What I do consider my outlet is music. It might sound ridiculous, but I got into photography with urban settings in mind like bandos. But what really keeps me engaged is concert photography, and its a goal of mine to be used as an artists personal photographer. I hope to one day become a concert photographer and tour with an artist as their personal photographer. Anyways enough about that, here’s what I feel you need to know about me. My name is Michael, I’m 19 years old and I am a street photographer. I’ve been shooting for a little less than a year now and I’m self taught. I’ll do anything to get the perfect shot, from climbing cranes, to standing on the edge of 40+ floor buildings, to sneaking passed security to get into places that aren’t normally accessible to the public. Here’s some of my work and you can stay updated to what I do on my instagram;


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