Wsup y’all, mama didn’t raise no foo’, but it was dope to act one at Fool’s Gold: Day Off 2015! To say the least, it was the #ILLEST! Fool’s Gold Records, headed by none other than A-Trak, A-K-A Youngest DJ to ever win Technics/DMC World Championships, A-K-A 1st DJ to ever win 5 World Champions, A-K-A Kanye West’s 1st tour DJ. Don’t believe me or him, get to steppin’ and get ya facts S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T.

Anyway, back to the DAY OFF, Fool’s Gold hosted their 5th annual event, this past weekend, and they never fail to impress. With a star-studded musical line-up consisting of Action Bronson, Post Malone, and Travis Scott, just to name a few, they came thru LA with the flame emojis!

I was fortunate enough to have a green wristband, which allowed me to get personal with the stage speakers. (A-K-A press…) Like I was literally all about the Bass, cuz really, I had no choice, I was literally so close, I didn’t just hear the music, I was eating it. No flex zone? I just did.

Anyway, here are some share-worthy pics (please share, I need more views//) provided by myself and the talented young fella @n.thng (tag if you share, it’s only right!):

Surprise: Will Smith’s son from Pursuit of Happyness, Jaden Smith!


Starting PG, #3, White Iverson (Post Malone)


post malone 1

One-Half of the Cool Kids: Chuck Inglish


A-Trak & A$AP MOB

asap ant atrak

Travis Scott La Flame // Don’t know what’s more La Flame, these pics or the man himself!

scott 4 scott 3 scott 2 scott 1  fool's gold 1 flatbush  atrak 1 asap mob

Congrats to A-Trak and the rest of the Fool’s Gold Records family, thanks for throwing another successful event for all ages of LA to turn-up and have a ball! Big-ups to @n.thng  for shooting like Kobe, Camera-Game Young Mamba.

This was the best DAY OFF I’ve ever experienced! See y’all on the next DAY OFF!