It’s a little anti-climactic that the first stop on my cross-country roadtrip was the distant and exotic land of Baltimore/ Washington D.C., but that’s where my cohort Erin is currently stationed, so I needed to swing by and scoop her up. Plus, her moms was eager to feed a sad, homeless kid… who can say no to that?? I also took the opportunity to hang with my girl Lauren and visit my favorite monument: The Lincoln Memorial.




I lose my breath away every time I step into this echoing chamber. Sadly, the last 2-3 times I’ve been here, the reflecting pool has been drained, but the view is stunning nonetheless. We were also blessed with some unbelievably gorgeous weather (especially considering the snow dumps all last week), so my girl Lauren and I wandered over to the newly opened MLK Jr. Memorial for a gander.


Seeing Dr. King’s quotes on International Women’s Day was a gentle reminder of the love and compassion we should share towards one another every day. Goosebumps.


Onwards to Nashville! We were on a secret mission in Virginia & North Carolina yesterday, but tune in to Twitter + Instagram w/#DriveXC or follow me on Snapchat (@emmulate) for a look at what we’re up to. Yeeeeehaw!