A new frontier in automotive refinishing is upon us, and never has this been more evident then this past week at the Chicago Auto Show. Apparently, Nissan is attempting to feel out the market in regard to new refinishing technology, two completely separate processes one of which repels grime, dirt, bird droppings, spills, etc…basically you name it. Whatever “it” may be isn’t going to stick to your car like it has in the past. Seems as if this coating might become a dealer option somewhere down the line. I find it quite intriguing. Watch what happens when they demonstrate with Hershey’s syrup. The zero emissions Leaf was already dubbed one of the world’s cleanest cars, and this video solidifies that title twice over “literally.”
Best described as, “Little umbrellas of air between the paint surface and the environment”
The product is called Ultra-Ever Dry by Ultratech International
After reading up on it, I have learned that this product is not designed for glass and WILL complicate visibility.

Of course, there is a prank video…Did you even have to ask?

Second in the brands quest to stand out among its competitors at the Auto Show was a Nissan Leaf sporting Starpath paint from Pro-Tech Surfacing, which isn’t going to be offered with the Leaf but none the less would still make it a crowd favorite, and it would debut here. This paint glows in the dark and is most likely going to begin a new trend. I would expect this refinishing process to become quite popular among the aftermarket enthusiasts worldwide in the near future.