BE STREET Magazine, now residing in THEIR new International HQ, Los Angeles, makes a splash with their first LA showcase featuring none other than America’s favorite cartoon badboy, Bart Simpson. Bootleg Bart, to be exact. The Unofficial BOOTLEG BART Art Show was the #ILLEST!

Bootleg Bart is as much underground as it gets. A movement of nostalgia, sometimes nsfw, is every thrifter’s holy grail. To find a Bootleg Bart piece is like finding Frank Ocean’s new album; YOU AINT GONNA FIND IT! This bootleg wave serves as a very important part of pop culture, for its niche following is just as rare as the t-shirts themselves. Here’s something helpful to clear the confusion.

Coming from a very unsuccessful thrifter, I personally stumbled upon a Bootleg Bart  shirt featuring Bart in a gi karate-choppin’ Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles. Killer graphic right, bro?! Anyway, back to the real stuff, I present to you, my favorite pieces from the show:

*Shimmy Shimmy Ya!* Ol’ Dirty Bart by Joe King:


Kristofferson San Pablo:




Various Artists:


Simon Landrein: BRARTBART-5



Felix Altreus: Bootleg Action Figure (Left) // Justin Hager: BARTMANE (Right)

BARTMANE was my favorite piece, cuz #FREEGUCCI, forreal

**Now playing, Gucci Mane – Kitchen** (Warning: it’s a banger)


Various Artist:


Last but not least, the best piece was this “AIR BART”, by none-other than the handsome fellow himself; Ferrariartie:

“So minimal, yet so complex and moving. The value is great…jk, but forreal, it is.”BART-10

Again congrats to the whole BE STREET fam! Welcome to LA! Get their first official U.S. Issue, here. Their not done either, catch them hosting their infamous and very first WEEKND in LA! If you don’t know, now you know! Maybe you’ll catch me there! >:)


Thanks again for reading my words, until then, EAT MY SHORTS!