Fresh off of a Dubs’ W, Wardell droppin’ 51 (20-27, from the field…), the Bay is in EVERY Area!

It’s not even fair, I SWEAR I’M FROM THE BAY!


Speaking of home, it’s a pleasure to present you this Eastside San Jose product.


John Denver, the American musician and activist, once said, “The best thing you have to offer the world is yourself.” A simple and truthful way Parker carries himself.

 Parker’s music can be described as a laid back flow mixed with some wavy, groovy instrumentation. Parker’s verses are a verbalization of his struggles. He states, “For me, it’s a verbal diary for that given moment.” An avid listener of LA Hip-Hop, Elliott Parker blends both Nor and SoCal regional styles into a fresh West Coast sound. 

Elliott Parker – “Fck It Im Young”

Parker continues to simply be himself and keep things organic. He’s got new work on the way, so stay in the loop!

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Until next time y’all, always aim high, folks.