Reporting live from my side of the bed, this is @FERRARIARTIE with a ANOTHA *1* #BEATSWITHARTIE!

First and foremost, Super Bowl 50 is upon us, and the Bay Area is even more L-I-T! Fresh off of a Dubs W against future Warriors Forward, Kevin Durant *eyes emoji*, every “A-List” individual roaming Super Bowl City, it is definitely the Bay’s weekend to showcase that it is extra hyphy & capable of hosting monumental moments like this.


On another note, I’ll be heading to Disneyland to enjoy the whole park to literally myself.

On to what we are here for, YNGCULT!


To fortunate events (@Koreatown) and mutual friends (@Koreatown), I was introduced to Dave of YNGCULT. YNGCULT is a culture that brings a fresh new meaning to “band”. YNGCULT has catapulted into underground stardom. To the respects of Pimp C *RIP* & Bun B, this underground collective is building their very own cult consisting of different lifestyles and backgrounds, a mirror image to their music. Enough from me, and onto the good stuff:

Words wouldn’t do the music justice. I’m simply here to share the vibes and promote the experience.

I can’t wait for what’s next for YNGCULT. Until then, catch them on Soundcloud IG, and!

Until next time, peace y’all!