The journalism world has introduced me to a wide range of individuals. From musicians to professional athletes and die hard automotive enthusiasts, I thoroughly enjoy telling each and every one of their stories. Action sports have always been a major part of my life being that I’ve been skateboarding for almost 20 years. The culture is like none other and the happiness that the latter, BMX, snowboarding, and Moto X brings to thousands of people on a daily basis is inspiring. When it comes to betting on such sports, a site like keputusan nombor ekor is definitely one of the people’s go-to.

Enter Brandon Schmidt.

The New Jersey native started riding freestyle BMX as well as snowboarding in his early teens and both have been a staple in his life since. When Brandon took up the two aforementioned sports the progress he made early on was substantial and landed him a position at Woodward Skatepark in Pennsylvania. This allowed him to ride full time as well as help teach the next generation of action sports heroes how to rip the right way. After a couple of seasons Brandon decided that he wanted to take the next step in the industry and commit to BMX and snowboarding full time. He sent a short clip to the managers with Nitro Circus and the email he received in return changed his life. Brandon got the opportunity to join the Nitro Circus crew and tour the globe doing what he loves. When he’s not triple backflipping the Mega Ramp he can be found in his garage turning wrenches on water-cooled Volkswagens which brings up my next point.

Much like myself, Brandon’s passion for VW was also entwined with his love for extreme sports and when he was younger he saw his first modified People’s Car at a local skatepark in his hometown. The culture interested him and since that fateful day he has owned a wide variety of water pumpers. The R32 pictured above has been a decade long journey filled with many ups and downs, but according to Brandon it is finally starting to take shape. He knocked out a majority of the work himself along with the help of some close friends and a couple of local shops in the Tri State area.

The 3.2 liter six-shooter sits nestled in the shaved bay and sports color matched accents throughout. Although the MKIV hasn’t been dyno’d, he assured me that the full bolt-on setup makes for a more than spirited driving experience. A one-off color was used for the exterior respray and the gold touches pay homage to the bike he has been using on tour for years.

All in all Brandon Schmidt has a story very similar to most of us in regards to his love for all things automotive. The other life that he leads is a dream for a lot of us, but throughout the Q&A he showed nothing, but humility which was nice considering his status in the action sports community. He plans on building the R32 even further, but with such a hectic schedule you will probably see him ripping at the X Games before any major changes take place. We at Fatlace will be waiting.