I have never been Karl Lagerfield’s muse, but I have been Richard Starks muse, and in my world that may be more of a privileged.  Now, Karl is Richard’s (male) muse also, but I haven’t had a doll made after me yet.  Are you with me?

Karl lives in a case at Coquette.  A very private, invitation only, high end vintage boutique and a favorite of Mary Kate’s.  Like Chrome Hearts, you can’t find this place unless you know it.

It’s where you drink champagne (or pink lemonade), smoke french cigarettes, and the glass table tops are multi-purposed.  One of this kind always wants to see their reflection.

Coquette women wear real lace lingerie Monday through Friday and don’t feel the need to read any self help books.

Why read them when you can be like Twiggy.

A classic Chanel vintage bracelet.   You can’t have everything.

I am going to get this for my next husband.

Although it is hard to fit a square photo in a round frame.

I’m feeling a tiara coming on soon.

Here’s Rona (owner of Coquette) and her baby Stevie.   She helped me pick out this Chinchilla coat which will be perfect for my Christmas in Paris.

It’s a sign