Sometimes taking the long way home is worth it even if you have work the next day. We spent the weekend driving up from down south in our somewhat vintage G55. The trusty G has given us the opportunity to explore this summer and this weekend, it didn’t disappoint.

The day started out super foggy but by the time it was noon, it cleared and the coastal views were incredible. We passed by and stopped many times to just take some shots and enjoy how lucky we are to live on the coast. The waters are cold yet blue and beautiful. If you could spare a few hours and aren’t trying to rush home, take the 1, it’s not named the Great Highway for nothing. (click on photos to see the enlarged version) / Shot with my LeicaM240.

Oldie but goodie!

Shot the Bixby Creek Bridge. This is such a photogenic bridge. I’d love to shoot the drone here one day.

Skylar Of course loves jumping up on top of the truck.

Cindy & Brooklyn shared a moment.

The Kids enjoyed most of the drive even tho they weren’t allowed any gadgets. The zigzag roads of Highway 1 wouldn’t allow for you to even look on your phone, unless you were interested in throwing up!

I traded in my 2017 TRD Pro for this old G55. The TRD Pro rode better, had better technology, and didn’t have any issues but to me it wasn’t able that, it’s about the classic lines and sturdiness this truck gives me.

Major Sea Lions out here. The XL ones are the males and the smaller ones are females. Males can weigh over 1500 lbs!!!

Our Classic 2004 G55. It doesn’t take much for this car to look good. I linked up with Front Runner, Thule, Rotiform, Toyo and got some classic parts. Its still a work in progress but I’m very happy with how it’s turning out.

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