The Mezzanine is like the Area 51 of concert venues. Last night I smashed a whole DSLR along with a kilo of heroin in my butt and even with my personal wit and charm, security still required that I have a full search of my anus. I guess they knew better that an Asian shouldn’t have a booty the size of a dump truck, let alone a guys. So I am sorry to say, you guys will have to deal with these cruddy iPhone 4 pics.

Let’s talk about the real grit and grime of it all though. Mobb Deep is for the bad kids. They represent punching your mothers belly while still in the womb, stickin’ up kids for their bologna sandwiches, placing razor blades on teachers chairs and stabbing bosses with paperclips.

The guy in the hat is Prodigy aka H.N.I.C. Dude just got out of jail a couple of months ago. I would imagine even in jail, he could have held his own like he was in the streets.

I love these guys though. Still bump their music to this day and probably forever. Let’s hope the new album comes correct when it comes out later this year.

[vimeo 24431747 w=750&h=430]
[vimeo 24411143 w=750&h=430]