After my recent trip to Chicago over the summer, I was made aware of the beauty and the history of the city, one in which is significant on many levels culturally creating milestones in architecture, sports, and even food. With its rich history also comes a darker side that resonates to this day. The infamous Chicago gangs and levels of crime have evolved and have created a divide within the city. The poverty rates in many Chicago neighborhoods are up to 60%. This situation has lead to a poster series called, “Designing Hope For Chicago,” a fundraiser with non-profits Ferrer Foundation and the Chicago Design Museum with the mission to unite the local design community to inspire peace and hope for the youth living in violent Chicago communities.

Available are original works from a dozen of Chicago’s finest designers including AIGA Chicago President Sara Frisk, Cody Hudson, Threadless and MNML. Weeks ago, each artist met with youth impacted by the Ferrer Foundation, which works to provide wellness tools and programming for children in some of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago. These children’s personal stories and journeys inspired original and evocative works of art.

“I wanted to do something to encourage the youth and empower them in some way. I didn’t want to do anything that made me, others or the participants in the program feel sorry for the circumstances. So I looked at this as an opportunity to provide the best advice I could or leave them with words that would make an impact. What I initially came up with was… See your challenges and opportunities for resilience. I shortened it because I didn’t want to do designed quote poster and what I came up with was “Shine ON!” — Brandon Breaux

Through a Kickstarter campaign the organization will produce a limited run of these special prints to the broader community. The posters will be printed on 12×18 80# cover stock on an Indigo color digital printer, with the exception of “Obscured Vision”, which will be processed via blind embossing on black 80# cover stock.

To learn more or purchase a print visit the Kickstarter Page.